Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Silent Movie
June 2015
Piano solo by Ena Baga soundtracks Kellogg's new comedy Vampire commercial

This 'nutty', Nosferatu-inspired silent Horror created by the guys at Leo Burnett and Rattling Stick, features a dramatic piano piece called Agitato Tragico by Ena Baga, published by de Wolfe Music. The comical silent movie shows two men trying to escape the capture of a 'Count Orlok' style vampire, but to no avail!

Ena Baga was famous for her improvised piano and organ themes for many silent movies during the 1920s. It was during this period that the company's founder, Mayer de Wolfe, began working with Ena, and her sister Florence de Jong (also an organist). Initially, they worked together as live performers in the silent film era and as a result of this relationship, Ena composed a collection of pieces for the De Wolfe catalogue, including Agitato Tragico. De Wolfe published around 60 pieces by Ena, some of which are on the website, listen to them here.

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