August 2015
Our Democracy Has Been Hacked...

This brand new drama, from the USA Network and the director of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, has received rave reviews since it's release (9.1/10 - IMDb, 98% - RottenTomatoes, 9.3/10 - The show features Rami Malek who plays an anti-social computer programmer named Elliot who by day has a normal 9 'til 5 job, but by night he becomes a vigilante hacker. Recruited by an unknown underground group of hackers to join their organisation. Elliot is tasked with bringing an end to the big money businesses of America...

We at de Wolfe are loving this new drama, and are extremely excited to have production music from our library featured in this TV show. Check out the trailer below, we promise you'll be hooked!

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