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Composer Biography: Ian Boddy

Painting pictures in sound

Ian Boddy first got into composing music in the late 70’s in Newcastle upon Tyne whilst studying for a degree in Biochemistry. Having fallen in love with the sound-worlds of German electronic bands such as Tangerine Dream, he came across an arts centre that housed a studio filled with reel-to-reel tape machines and analogue synthesisers. Boddy taught himself how to use this equipment through a process of experimentation, thus began a long and successful music career. Specialising in ambient and electronic music, Boddy has three main strands to his musical activities which are run under the umbrella of his own company, Something Else Music Limited.

The DiN label, established in 1999, is an electronic music label which has over 60 releases, available in both physical and download formats. As well as releasing several of his own solo albums, the label have also worked with artists such as Robert Rich, Erik Wøllo (who has also written for de Wolfe), Markus Reuter and Mark Shreeve (as ARC) as well as many collaborations. Alongside running DiN, Boddy has toured the world, performing his own brand of electronic music and playing extensively in the UK, Germany, Netherlands and America.

Taken from two live performances in Liverpool and Philadelphia which were edited to create the album Liverdelphia (DiN42). 

Sound Design

Ian Boddy has always been renowned for the unusual and original sound design he exhibits in his own musical compositions. Since 1992, he has co-operated with Zero-G, the UK's leading sample specialist, to produce a series of highly acclaimed products. Starting off as samples, he has developed and produced three virtual instruments in the Native Instruments Kontakt format (Morphology, Analogue Sequencer Loops & Outer Limits). He has also produced sound design work for Apple, LinPlug, Sample Magic, Rob Papen Soundware & Camel Audio. Finally in late 2008, Boddy set up his own downloadable sound library company Ian Boddy Waveforms.

An audio demonstration of Boddy’s latest sound library Dark Ambient which has a very retro radiophonic sound.

Library Music

Boddy has been composing and producing music for de Wolfe since 1997 and has now penned over 20 albums with almost 500 tracks. His writing for our library specialises in ambient electronica and soundscapes, in his own words “likes to paint pictures in sound”. His music has been used extensively on TV, film and radio both at home and worldwide. More recently he has begun collaborating on projects for de Wolfe with long time-friend and fellow DiN artist Nigel Mullaney.

Below are a featured selection of albums. You can listen to Ian Boddy’s full DeWolfe catalogue here.