March 2017
De Wolfe music placed in groundbreaking new Channel 4 series

Mutiny is the groundbreaking new Channel 4 series in which a crew seeks to recreate the voyage of Captain William Bligh. 230 years ago aboard HMS Bounty a poisonous rift developed between its crew and its young captain, leading to the now infamous Mutiny on the Bounty. Bligh and a handful of loyal men were forced into a tiny open boat and left to die, however they managed to navigate 4000 miles to safety through some of the world's most remote and unforgiving seas.

Now 9 men are setting out to make the same gruelling journey in a replica 23ft wooden boat, with the same rations, facing the same conditions - to measure themselves against history. De Wolfe is pleased to have music featured in the series, and you can catch up with every episode on All 4.

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