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The Peter Reno Tapes

Tapes found in our archive turn out to be early demos of a classic de Wolfe album.

While digging through the de Wolfe tape vaults, the guys in our soundbay stumbled across a reel which left them confused. Labelled ‘Peter Reno Compositions’, with track names we have already copied and remastered, the first thought was that maybe it was a duplicate. It was in fact the first demos of our composer Peter Reno’s work for the fantastic ‘Z-Patrol’ album. Tracks; ‘Luger’, ‘Armed Escort’, ‘Intercrime’, ‘Silent Service’, ‘Bent Society’ plus an extra unknown piece, all in their most basic form (just an electric guitar and an organ) were probably recorded on an old cassette recorder in a studio. We decided to copy and master them as much as we could (as the quality was not the best) and place them on here for you to hear and enjoy.


From the basic first ideas strummed out on a guitar, to the huge characterful and driven brass band masters, these tracks were produced and orchestrated with help from the famous de Wolfe composer Reg Tilsley. These stripped back 'noir' style demos are fantastic to compare to the final arrangements. You can hear the alterations made by Peter Reno and Reg in the production process; which ideas were used and which altered, how some kept their noir style and others completely changed. 

Reg, who also features heavily on the album with his own pieces, was extremely well known for his orchestrating with some of the biggest artists and songwriters of the period including Tom Jones, Johnny Mercer, The Supremes and Shirley Bassey. His work has also been used in productions including Monty Python and Dawn of the Dead, with one of his tracks recently chosen to feature on the album 'Inner City Beat' released by Soul Jazz Records. The knowledge that Reg had of orchestral and big band instruments was fantastic and is why he was so successful as an orchestrator. You can hear other examples in his collection of 'Tilsley Orchestra' albums, including Tilsley Orchestra N0.2 and Tilsley Orchestra No.10, with more remastered LPs in this series coming soon.

So here are both demo remastered versions of each track we came across, please listen and enjoy.


The Silencer


The Bent Society

Armed Escort


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